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  • DEM Analysis
    • Topographic Analysis Kit (TAK)
      • Adam Forte and Kelin Whipple
      • GitHub site for code
      • E-Surf Publication
        • "We have written the Topographic Analysis Kit (TAK), which leverages the power of...TopoToolbox, to build a series of high-level topographic analysis tools to perform a variety of common topographic analyses. These analyses include the generation of maps of normalized channel steepness, or χ, and selection and statistical analysis of populations of watersheds. No programming skills or advanced mastery of MATLAB is required for effective use of TAK. In addition – to expand the utility of TAK along with the primary functions, which like the underlying TopoToolbox functions require MATLAB and several proprietary toolboxes to run – we provide compiled versions of these functions that use the free MATLAB Runtime Environment for users who do not have institutional access to MATLAB or all of the required toolboxes."


    • TAK above replaces the Stream Profiler tool.
      • Stream Profiler51is no longer supported
      • TAK replicates all the Stream Profiler functionality, but is improved, enhanced and greatly extended, plus about 1000x faster.
      • This tool allowed users to extract river profiles from DEM data and analyze the steepness index and concavity of one or more channels. Versions exist for ArcGIS 9.X and 10.X.


    • Other tools to make use of:


For more information contact: geomorphtools@gmail.com