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Stream Profiler


  • Tool Description
    • This tool allows users to extract river profiles from DEM data and analyze the steepness index and concavity of one or more channels. It operates using ArcGIS 9.X or 10.X and MATLAB r14 or more recent (requires Matlab's Statistics Toolbox).
  • Tool Codes
    • ArcGIS 9.X .dll file and MATLAB codes here.
    • ArcGIS10.X .dll files and MATLAB codes are here.
      • (Tested up to Arc10.3.1)
      • Do not unzip with built-in windows decompress. This corrupts the DLL for some reason.  WinRaR and 7zip are known to work fine.
      • Put a copy of profiler.dll into the ArcGIS bin directory:
        • e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.2\bin"
      • Start-up ArcMap
      • Use the 'Customize' pull-down to add/activate the profiler toolbar
      • One possible complication can be if the files and registry entries from older profiler installations linger and interfere with any new installation. If that is potentially the case run: "\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.3\bin\categories.exe" and remove any profiler references, then drop the new profiler.dll into ~/bin as described above.
      • If this does not work for you at first, consider this: Try to install the profiler toolbar via "customize" option and when the "Can't load type library..." error comes up say okay and close out of ArcMap. Restart your machine and open ArcMap. You should be able to right click in your toolbar space to choose a toolbar to place and there you will find the Profiler Toolbar! This does not work for all.
    • ArcGIS 9.X DEM preparation toolboxes here
      • Note: these have not been updated for many years.
      • Note: 9.1 users should use 'DEM_Prep9_1.py' only
  • Tool Tutorials
    • All tutorials in single package (.pdf)
      • NOTE: When you run flow direction, select option to force all edge pixels to flow outward.  This can save you a lot of frustration if you use the batch profiler.
      • This tutorial package was created for a short course taught during the October 2007 meeting of the Geological Society of America.
  • Tool Training Opportunities
    • 2007-10: GSA Short course
  • Tool Development
    • This tool was initiated in the late 90's at MIT by Noah Snyder and Kelin Whipple and later refined through generations of subsequent graduate students. The most recent incarnation expanded the code to allow integration between Matlab and ArcGIS. The ArcGIS interface was pioneered by Daniel Sheehan and Eric Kirby. Subsequent refinements and QA/QC were added by Joel Johnson, Ben Crosby, Cam Wobus and Will Ouimet.
    • Tool Development was graciously supported by grant from:
      • The National Science Foundation Programs:
        • Continental Dynamics
        • Geomorphology and Land Use Dynamics
        • Tectonics
      • NASA

For more information contact: geomorphtools@gmail.com